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Introducing BitPath, a game in which players must strategically swap tiles to create a checker board pattern as quickly as possible, while only viewing one pixel at a time.

This game was designed to have as little player feedback as possible - this means no audio, animations, and only one color visible during gameplay. For clarity, outside of gameplay the user has access to the menu, options, and their final score.

How to play:

  • After clicking the launch button, there will be a quick grace period to remind you of the size of the board you are playing on.
  • Once the text disappears, the timer starts and controls are enabled.
  • Use the arrow keys to navigate around the grid, and the space bar to select a tile for swapping. On the second space bar click, the two selected tiles will swap positions.
  • Beat the game by successfully swapping tiles until the grid is in a checkerboard pattern of alternating colors, in both the X and Y directions.


  • Arrow keys: navigate around the grid
  • Spacebar: Select tile/swap tiles
  • Escape: Return to main menu/exit program


  • There are no restrictions against already solved boards - luck is part of the game! If you have a solved board, hit space twice to swap a tile with itself and win.
  • Navigate the board in an organized fashion to keep track of which pieces are solved.
  • Keep a mental map of which rows/columns you have solved and where you've swapped bad pieces to avoid backtracking
  • There are no notifications if you try to move outside of the grid; you will simply not move. Keep track of your current position in respect to the walls of the grid - You always spawn in the very top-left position of the grid.

Coming soon:

  • Optional audio
  • Time records


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